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Violeta Genova

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Passive house Actve sun
The Sunctuary house is a passive house located in Lozen, Bulgaria. The house has a long form and it stays in the northern part of the plot, so its south wall cannot be overshadowed by the neighboring buildings. The main orientation to the south offers to all rooms a south-facing, in order
to optimize the collection of solar radiation.

The south wall of the upper floor is overhang and inclined at 73˚ degrees. So this surface offers a perfect location for photovoltaic and solar collectors, in order to produce much energy. The overhang protects the wall of the ground floor from the high and strong summer sun, but at the same time the windows are very well exposed to the sun in the winter.

All public rooms are situated on the ground floor - kitchen, living and dining rooms, and on the upper floor are all private rooms – master bedroom, workroom and two children rooms. The space under the roof affords enough space for all the building services and cellar.

In the middle of the house there is a two-story area that can be used for ventilation of the house both in the winter and in the summer. In the summer, this space serves as an atrium and so the whole house can be cooled by night ventilation. The lighter warm air rises and goes out through the dormer, which has an inclination to the north, to reduce overheating in summer. This way of cooling works during the day as well as during the night. In the winter this place can be used as a winter garden and the residents can enjoy the light there in the sunny days. The air in the garden is always warmer than the air outside, so all rooms can be ventilated without losing much heat.

The small windows on the north facade are located opposite to the glazing on the south side. So a fast transverse ventilation is always possible. All windows have wooden slats as a sun protection.
Between the slats enough light flows into the rooms and they do not need any additinal energy for lighting during the day.

The whole house can be built of wood. The wood constructions ensure one really good U-value by smaller thickness of the wall. The wooden panels are ecofriendly and recyclable.