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Dimitar Georgiev

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The building plot is located in the village of Lozen , 15 kilometers east of the Bulgarian capital Sofia.Entering the house take place from north and is provided by green alley.Surveyed Land Plot have possibilities for 3 parking places
The building consists of two storey blocks and underground level.
On the basement level are located technical facilities /boiler, artificial ventilation/ ,winter storage, laundry,gym, entrance to the staircase.
The first floor consists of entrance hall, toilet, closet, kitchen, dining room.They are having north orientation.There is also spacious living room and cabinet.
There are two bedrooms on the second floor /one for children and another one for their parents/.They consist of toilet plus shower and locker,
the deployment of a hole is being provided which is going to be natural sequel for living room in a vertical direction and helps air circulation.
Vertical communication is achieved through a staircase
Facade consist of wood ventilated curtain wall which emproves techno-economic performance of the building

The building has mixed construction type, underground level, will be built from reinforced concrete structure ,also and slab on elevation +/- 0,00 / which is turning into a natural heat accumulator / the upper two levels will be filled with a wood construction .
Planned measures to reduce the energy consumption and use renewable energy sources:
• Compact volume and house orientation to the north - south axis
• Absence of thermal bridges
• Higher values of insolation
- Walls with U=0.0939 W/m²K, made by wood construction with mineral wool 15 sm, facade panel with mineral wool 22 сm and ventilated cladding facade with mineral wool with osb 6 sm ;
- Roof with U=0.0904 W/m²K, thermal insulation with mineral wool 38 sm
- The slab on elevation ±0.00 from reinforced concrete slab with thickness 15 sm / which is turning into a natural heat accumulator /
- The slab on elevation -3,15м with U=0.1377 W/m²K / reinforced concrete foundation slab with thickness 45 см , with thermal insulation bt XPS 25 сm in thickness
• High levels of airtightness of the building
• PVC windows with higher levels of thermal insulation and average U = 0.80 W/m²K;
• Sun protection against over-heating of indoor-space during periods of high temperatures
Broad-leaved vegetation should be placed towards south orientation in order to prevent direct sunlight penetration in the summer season.
Wide eaves in south facade provide protection against direct solar radiation in summer`s heat and mid-time of the day when sun rays strike at a greater angle.
• Controlled ventilation in the house
Low maintenance, low energy usage solution which removes stale air and brings fresh air into the home . It prevents opening windows through the cold winter months or in the summer heat providing fresh air and meeting all hygiene standards.However, when the weather is comfortable windows can be opened.
• Compact ventilation unit for low-energy and passive houses
Active solar systems might be installed at a later stage if necessary without making further reconstruction
• Solar collectors to produce solar hot water for residential purposes
Install a couple of evacuated tube solar collectors combined with home ventilation system ,a domestic hot water system plus two solar photovoltaic cells.
• Energy-saving household appliances and heating
Energy saving lighting fixtures including LED lighting system
Laundry and dishwasher installation will have a hot water supply produced by solar collectors