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Mariya Tsvetkova Dipl. Arch. , Stefan Valkov Dipl. Arch.

(1928 - user rating)

One family passive house
The basic idea of this project is that the building should be with a simple and clean form and minimal shape. The parallelepiped is used as a base for the forming of the building. By adding and removing parts of the volume, we want to avoid the statical form of the cube, that is used in most of the buildings. By partially lifting the volume of the building above the ground level and by elongating in horizontal and vertical direction, additional dynamic is added to the form.
As a final result, the building in the plan has a trapezoidal form in order to achieve a maximum illumination and orient the residential area to more favorable south direction.
The final volume, modern and minimalistic, differs deliberately from the traditional Bulgarian architecture in the village of Lozen. The project for the passive house aims not only at making it distinguishable by its nature from the traditional building construction, but also aiming at making the volume different from the surroundings and also reminding for that difference. The volume of the building is modern, but the materials are traditional – generally stone and wood, the glass and the metal are used for the separate details.
The chosen north points to the road, and the south to the end of the residential property.The building is located at the western part of the property in accordance with the regulations in the distance to the borders of the property without being shaded by the houses nearby. So a large yard on south and east has resulted for the needs of the residents. Nearby the house, on the south, a water mirror is planed that goes into a swimming pool at one of its ends with a depth of 1,40m together with places for rest around it. That is also in compliance with the regulatory requirements for the distance to the borders of that property. There is a barbeque planned on the west side of the property. The main entrance of the house, as well as the ramp to the garage, is on the north. There are also two parking spots planned near the street.
Visually the building is decided to be as one volume. At its vertical aspect there are three levels – ground floor, main residential floor and only at the most north part ( +2.65 height) there is a second level planned for an office with a separate toilet and bathroom and if necessary, it can be used as an additional bedroom. This second level is with southern illumination. The windows to the office, as well as the stairwell, are located under the inclined at 45 degrees roof surface. The Photovoltaics and Solar Panels are added to the outside appearance.
The main entrance of the building is from the north site. The main residential level of the building is lifted over the area at one of its parts with 1,20m, and at the other with 1,80 m. On one hand, this is done in order to separate visually the volume from the property area , but on the other hand it is necessary for achieving a convenient light height for the garage that is located at the basement ( – 2,65 m). The way of getting to the garage is from the street on the north by a ramp with inclination of 10%. The separation of the volume from the ground level is highlighted visually by the water mirror that is planned to be built under it. The water from it will serve as a natural humidifier of the air during the summer period.
At the basement ( -2,65 ) the garage is for one vehicle together with a technical room – mechanical room for the Ventilation heat recovery system, are located. The staircase is used for getting to the ground floor.
At the main residential level the following is located:


  • The main entrance with stairwell, laundry and the water cabinet ( ±0.00 );
  • From the entrance you can go into an open space area, where the kitchen box is located at elevation ±0.00m and the dining room with an east illumination and the living room with a south illumination entirely are at elevation +0.60m.
  • The bedrooms are separated by a common entrance at elevation +0.60m. A bedroom for parents is planned on the southwest and bedroom for kids on the west with common toilet and bathroom.
  • A big porch on the south is planned and it stays partially over the swimming pool and by using stairs the area can be reached.

At the second level ( +2,65m. ) an office with its own toilet and bathroom is located.
The facades are designed without any glazing on the north and with glazing entirely on the south. The main entrance is located at the north facade and its appearance is enhanced by a stone casing through both floors and wooden casing of the entire facade surface. The entire facade is glazed as sun-protective pergola and sliding sun-protective bars are being planned. Only two windows are located at the eastern and western facade – to the kitchen and bedroom for the kids respectively, but for the kids’ bedroom sun-protective bars are considered. The use of natural materials such as stone and wooden encasings aims at making the desired architectural design closer to the surroundings.
The building has a reinforced concrete structure with the exterior walls with masonry bricks  -  24 cm. and 28 cm thermal insulation and 3cm of stone or wooden encasing from the outside. The building is with green roof. The building has a super insulation of walls, floor, roof, window casing, doors, thermal bridges.
The windows are produced by е Reynaers, model CS 86-HI, have high thermal characteristics and are appropriate for this type of buildings. The parapet of the terrace is from glass in order to permit the lights to pass through during the winter when the sun lights fall into small angle.
The building has a Passive (Solar) Gain- Window glazing and Solar orientation.
The building has a  Electric Efficiency- Energy reduction 50% of common practice, and it is using On-site Renewables- Photovoltaics and Solar Thermal energy.
The heating and the ventilation of the building is with a central air conditioning and is a used Ventilation heat recovery system- Ventilation counter flow air to air heat exchanger, Ventilation air sub-soil heat exchanger, Ventilation ducts insulated. It is located at the machining area into the basement. The receiver of the fresh air is outside the building and by a pipe system dig into the earth, the heated air reaches the Ventilation heat recovery system. For the hot water, a solar panels are used, and for the electricity – photovoltaic, located on the roof as well as on the area – on the west to the barbecue.
The partially green flat roof additionally helps for the thermal insulation of the building. The rain water, collected by the roof , is planned to be stored at a tank and to be used for watering the plants on the area.
The Total Area of the project is almost 180 sq.m.