Galileo Consulting

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Galileo ConsultingGalileo Consulting is an Engineering Company specialized in design of Low-Energy, PassiveHouse and Zero Energy buildings. Galileo Consulting Engineering is based in Tallinn, Estonia, and operates Worldwide promoting Energy Efficiency.

We promote the PassiveHouse concept and we encourage Architects, Engineers and Constructors to walk the Low-Energy way. We do so by offering free evaluation of Architectural design, aimed to spot weaknesses in the Energy concept of the building (thermal bridges, choice of materials, windows, ventilation, and heating systems).


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ALUKÖNIGSTAHL is one of the leading companies in the field of trade of construction and technical materials with main partners SCHÜCO and JANSEN. Its activity is oriented towards the highest requirements in the field of construction. It is focused on aluminum and plastic profile systems and technologies for facade glazing, windows, doors, winter gardens, and roofing structures. The steel systems successfully complete the program.

EnEffect - Center for Energy Efficiency

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EnEffectEnEfect (founded in 1992) supports the efforts of the central and local authorities for sustainable development of the country through more efficient energy use.

EnEffect works in close cooperation with the Passivhaus Institut (Germany) and a number of other leading European institutions for promotion and establishment of the design and construction of sustainable low-energy and passive buildings in Bulgaria.


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Фирма Eplex е създадена през 2007 година с цел налагането на пазара на технологиите Duraseal и Duralite. Фирмата предлага, както готови стъклопакети, така и цялостното оборудване и дистанционери, необходими за тяхното производство. Duralite е единствената технология в света, която позволява да се постигне клас „А“ на енергийна ефективност на стъклопакета. Революционната технология повишава енергийната ефективност на всеки стъклопакет, в който е поставена.