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Paulo Ricardo dos Santos Sousa, Sónia de Castro Alves

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One of the main themes in this project was of using architectonical sustainable methods not only in a technocrat way, but also in a way that tries to enhance poetic values. It was equally intended to demonstrate that is possible to create sustainable architecture pleasant for living using simple and economic construction systems.
The concept results in a regular form that adjusts itself to the best solar light position. Bedrooms at West. Kitchen with eastern regular light. Living room with a façade that takes advantage of a the best exposition of natural light and also creates a strong connection between this living space with the garden adjacent to the house.
Main construction material used was wood for ecological reasons.
Analysing the weather in Bulgaria (more precisely in the village of Lozen) we have cold and wet winters (reaching negative Celsius degrees) and dry and hot summers. To face this problem it was needed the creation of a flexible system that retained the heat in the winter and that allows the circulation of fresh air in the summer. Bedrooms are located in a higher height to take a better advantage of the heating but also were designed to make possible the circulation of air if the dweller finds out necessary.
It was proposed a small winter garden in the middle of the house as a way to respond to this winter/summer problem. But also creates a spatial richness inside the house organizing its interior spaces.