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Pierre Aubertin

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Waking - Up In Lozen

Lozen is located in the large metropolitan area of Sofia (at about half an hour drive of Sofia's city center). It stands on the boundaries of green hills (nice places to hike, old monasteries,...). This situation gives visual break through to the hills from every corner of the village. This context and the possibility of having a 1500 square meter lot to build a house are nice conditions for a family to settle.

The house regroup all the basic functions of a family shelter that is divided in four areas also subdivided in smaller components. Indeed even if the house tends to be compact the spaces are rich and flexible through time and change of uses.

Entering – leaving
Entrance is big, it acts as a buffer zone between outside and inside.
Laundry and technical room allow occupant to circumscribe the family mess in one room.

In a place like Lozen, a car is needed. The car stay outside! (a shelter can be build later on)

Cooking + Dinning = group activities
Kitchen is the meeting room in the morning, a window is placed to the East, in order to benefit of the setting sun.
Dinning space is set on the same level then the kitchen, with a view and light to the south and the garden
Cellar is given to this area because storage of food for a family is important.

Gathering + Resting = group activities
Living room is set a little bit below the house level, to give it a particular and “cozy” position.
Sitting room + bookshelf, like in the house of the “Bulgarian National Revival”, contains a part with fix furniture to relax in an alcove with light from the west.
Multipurpose room because a room that can serve as an office, a TV room,... is always useful!

Parent’ area
Sleeping room big and “isolated” from the rest of the house so the parents can perform their parents activities.
Bath and dressing room is thought as a thermal bath, it as a skylight with northern light so when you shower, you are bath with light.
Balcony is like a private winter garden facing south.

Kids area = so kids can be kids
Smalls bedrooms (x2) with fix furniture and big east windows to take profit of the morning sun.
Washing room so kids can stay clean.
Working / playing space open on the rest of the house, but separated so kids share a large space in a “restricted area”.

Winter Garden + Garden
A winter garden (sort of Tchardak) is set on the south face, it links the entire house, and acts as buffer zone! Planter is planned and big windows give view inside.
A “big” outside garden on the south, with kitchen garden, covered terrace, swing,...

The walls are made of wooden structure and filled with concrete hemp to have a super isolation, air seal,... and a twelve hours slowness from inside to outside.

The roof is pierced with few then light, in order to catch northern light.
Each facades of the house is thought in function of the qualities of the sunlight and what is needed inside.

Geothermic system (canadian well) + Trombe wall (in the roof, facing south) + a underground heat collector + a ventilating system in partitions walls
= a constant temperature in the house (warm during the winter and cool during the summer)
A fireplace is installed in the living room to enjoy a fire will relaxing.

Create a breathe in a house is very enjoyable! but if you open a window, the inside temperature will change! with the slowness of the wall the original temperature is very quickly regain when the window is closed.

For the water and wastes treatment a difference should be made in what can be treated in the house (rain water, organic waste,...) and what should be in charge of the allotment and/or municipality. A good balance should be found in the size of the collective infrastructure.

Neighborhood dimension:
The situation of this project challenges the evolution of a village like Lozen! To build a passive house is a good thing but to think that type of project at a larger scale could increase efficiency. This could be set, by editing a few more urban rules from the municipality.

Finding construction materials, and building knowledge in a radius of 100km around Lozen (idea inspired by the AFBC contest) is a good opportunity to increase the efficiency of a design, to create a “trully local building”. It forces designer to rethink the materials and technologies to feat the area where the house is build.