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Valentina Pavlova

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The plot is flat with length 33 meters facing north. The building is situated to North-East and 7 m from the street and 9 m from east. Entrance of the building is to North. On same side there is place to park 2 cars with partial coverage. The building is composed from stepwise located floors which give us great space air . The roof is made of glass , its bearing structure is space beams structure with heigh 50 cm. Air circulation are regulated by stairs-like valve. During a summer, air circulate outside and house will be cool. At the winter via hermetically closed air layer we receive isolation and saved houses warm. The roof have a role like facаde. The other advantage is receiving on great quantity light. The building is definite with double façade, which retains its microclimate.


On the ground floor is entrance, small wardrobe, kitchen and living room with garden view. The stairs to the first floor has one rail. There are gallery with working area, wide bathroom and parent’s bedroom. The bathroom is divided on cells, which allow to be used from several mans. The gallery have a door to balcony, where are drying cloths. one rail stairs again we reach to 2d floor. There have a 2 kid’s bedroom.


Both longitudinal walls are main bearing, playing the role of construction.

Value is simple with wood siding. The windows are type box window.

Facades can coated or but as our idea is to use exclusively natural materials like stone and wood. Inside wood is used for the floor, stairs, ceilings.Part of partition walls are made of glass because of the sunlight.

Systems passivity:
- Heat recovery ventilation - located in the attic
-Underfloor Heating
-Heat source
-Photovoltaics and water collectors on the roof
-Airbag/ the glass roof is doulbe/, the circulation can be adjusted depending on the season and needs for cooling or heating
-All glazing have double system, creating air buffer layer 40cm. Where is a single casing window, we offer a triple glazing with low emission glass with
rate U<0.8W/m2K


PLOT: 1546 m2

GROUND FLOR: 70.6 m2
FIRST FLOOR: 61.9 m2

TOTAL AREA: 165.7 m2