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Julian Nachev Dipl. Arch.

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The house utilizes large south facing window area that boost heat during the winter and its automated shading system provides comfort indoor temperatures during all seasons with minimum energy used.
With geothermal heating pump, solar panels on the roof, amorphous photovoltaic on the roof, subsoil heat exchanger and automated heat recovery unit and automated shading this building not only has the passive, but also several active elements that are part of its environmentally friendly provisions. Large windows not only brighten up the rooms with more natural daylight but also support the heating system with its geothermal heating pump in the winter.
Site factors:
The plot is located in previously developed village with adequate infrastructure in a close proximity to the biggest Bulgarian city and also capital Sofia. There are available public services such as church, municipality, grocery and public transport.
Materials used:
Facade elements are made with natural stone harvested near the village.
Interiors are made of recycled wood flooring and furniture.
Water policy
All the plumbing fixtures are water saving.
The house is equipped with water treatment system which reuses water for flushing toilets and uses gray water and rainwater for the gardens drip irrigation.
External sidewalks and pavements are made of porous local stones with grass intervals between them which allow the water to be freely absorbed thought the soils.
Energy policy:
Solar power utilized near maximum level. Passive windows permit a serious amount of solar radiation to heat the space inside the thermal envelope. The amorphous photovoltaic panels system on the roof generates additional power needed for HR unit, heat pump, pool pump, irrigation and lighting. Heat Recovery unit is supported by subsoil heat exchanger which helps winter heating and summer cooling period. Domestic hot water provided by both geothermal heat pump and vacuum solar panel on the roof. All household appliances selected will met class A or better energy performance.