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Miguel Montemayor Dipl. Arch.

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CONCEPT: Trombe house
The main consideration of the proposal was based on the trombe wall energy system.
Big and thick termal mass barriers are surrounding the house facing solar gain orientations (fig. 2), defining the treated floor area except in the stairs cube, where direct sun is never faced. These wall have hatches that can be opened if needed to keep termal balance indoors. This is a concept made habitable.
NECESSITY: Design a contemporary home that is energy efficient by the means of passive energy methods.
STRATEGY: Lift the whole house with piles (fig. 1) so the characteristic humidity of the region cannot climb up. Drain all the snow and rain from flat surfaces (fig. 3) and harvest to a dug tank under the structure (fig. 4). Also, a radiant tube will be installed under the slab so we can have extra control of indoor temperature (fig. 4). A solar chimney is also considered in the space of the half bath.
FLEXIBILITY: It is proposed that the family room in the upper level can be enhanced with ephemeral walls so a guest room can be improvised. All spaces are open, so furniture configurations can be freely explored. This makes the design become universal.
ORIENTATION: The best orientation for the house is the following. The house must be isolated in the center of the site. Views to the north from the atrium and stairs are open. To the east and west we have mainly the trombe system, but keeping some overtures to the yard. Stairs and service spaces are pushed to the west. All spaces are ventilated
MATERIALITY: Region concrete and bricks. Concrete foundation. Timber can be an option to be installed in the trombe walls. Knauf for indoor walls. Wooden floors. PVC for frames and hydraulic installations. This Mediterranean style could be attractive to other European investors, to find a relaxing vacation spot. There could be and extra treatment to isolate walls, but could increase the price. The idea is to keep it simple with regular installations without start expending over the top.