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Vladimir Kolev Dipl. Arch.

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  1. Appropriate building positioning according to the property’s borders, focusing on the suitable building aspect direction.
  2. The construction has been combined of metal columns, beams and reinforced concrete slabs. The possibility of reusing (recycling) metal columns and beams from other sites has been taken into consideration.
  3. The exterior walls (excluding the Southern one) have been designed with sandwich panels, thick 50cm, providing U=0.098 [W/m2.K]. The exterior walls have narrow windows, limiting the heat wastes.
  4. The Southern exterior wall is fully glazed for optimal absorption of the sunlight. Part of the joinery construction includes canopies, limiting the levels of the sun beam access, if needed.
  5. In the South-East part of the living room there is a “green zone”, providing additional comfort of living.
  6. The water needs of the building are fully covered by the process of collecting the rain water from the roof of the building. Initially the rain water accumulates in a reservoir where it gets filtered and passes on to a second reservoir where it becomes drinking water. The already used water passes through a second filtering cycle and gets used in the bathrooms and toilets, and finally is used for the green zone irrigation.
  7. The electricity is provided by the situated over the solar tree appropriate number of photovoltaic panels.
  8. A wall built from recycled glass bottles has been foreseen in the kitchen, which is adding up to the colorific utilization of the space.
  9. The usage of solid concrete or stone paving in the parking design has been limited to minimum, ensuring the smooth process of water absorption in to the soil.
  10. A designated place for recycling home litter and wastes and converting them to methane has been provided and is supplying the household needs.