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Galin Antonov Dipl. Arch.

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The plot of the house is located in the village of Lozen near Sofia at the foot of Vitosha mountain. There is a road from the north, where is located and the entrance to the property. There are existing low buildings inside the neighbor plots from east and south and some vegetation and trees, which do not cast shadows to our plot from south. The designed house is situated almost in the middle of the existing buildings, so it is minimum overshadowed by them.
Southern from the property entrance is located a car parking space for three cars, paved with concrete blocks and grass. Next to it in southern direction is located the house and after it there are main and kid’s pools. The situation of the building allows planning of some deciduous trees west of it, which cast shadows to the house in the hot summer evenings and pass sunlight in the winter.
The main concept of the project is to design a compact house with undisturbed insulated shell, punctured only from the south where all of the main rooms of the house are oriented. There are only some small windows in the other directions. Three of them are rotated upwards for better energy gains. One from the east above the living room for better heating in the winter mornings, the bathroom window from the west for higher temperature in this room and the reading area window from north, which is the smallest and the only one not equipped with extra shading system. The south façade is shaded by additional metal construction, separated from the main volume in constructive attitude but not visually. For better shading all of the windows here are equipped with additional automatic shading system.
On the ground floor of the house are designed an entrance vestibule, study area, living room, dining room, kitchen with a pantry, toilet, storage and a mechanical room. Upstairs on the first floor there are a reading area, visually connected with the living room, master bedroom, second bedroom and a fully equipped bathroom. In front of the living room, the dining room and the kitchen there is a porch elevated from the terrain with a view to the pools, there is also a terrace in front of the bedrooms over the porch, which has its own construction separated from the main volume.
The project has an ecological meaning to give an opportunity for life close to the nature out of the soil town and the crowds but in the same time close to it. That is why the volume of the house imitates natural rock crystal but treated by and for the needs of the people. The form is dictated by the functional objectives of the house. It gives the opportunity for two floors on the one side and is going down on the other, where they are not needed. It is also sliced from the south in southwest-northeast direction. The reason is to give better shading in the afternoon hours when there is a risk for overheating the house. All this considerations helped to achieve a well-motivated modern and dynamic design of the building.