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Arhitektid Muru & Pere Urmas Muru, Peeter Pere, Reet Viigipuu

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House in Lozen has a traditional form and a peaceful look. This is not a enviromental accent, but rather a 3-dimensional moment of silence. The house and street are in north of, and a garden in the south of the plot. The street elevation is long and open. It is one-storey high. The courtyard has two levels. Part of the yard is lower than the surrounding ground. The courtyard elevation is two-story high. The upper floor (livingroom) is connected with the upper yard and the groundfloor (bedrooms) is connected with the lower and more intimate yard.
The courtyard elevation is covered with a calm rhythm of the windows. The windows have shading devices.
The house is divided into two parts – the warm livingrooms, and a cold car shelter with a terrace. The surrounding ground is stabilizing the external environmental effects on ground floor.
The building is based on reinforced concrete plate. Supporting constructions of the building are made of reinforced concrete. Partition walls and roof structures are made of wood. Interior finish is a concrete and wood. The building exterior walls and roof are covered with white brick. The fence is also made of white brick. Terrace walls are covered with white wood. The building is a warm, thermal bridge-free and airtight. On the roof of the house are the photovoltaic panels.