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Marti Soosalu

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The future house is placed on the north side of the plot to be closer to the street access and to leave more open space for garden activities on the southern part. But actually the house can be placed in any part of the plot depending from the accessibility and the requirements for urban construction in the specified area. Only the south wall orientation of the house is important.


The main concept of the present design is to capture all the possible sun heat during the year and involve it to the heating system of the house (in winter) or to throw it away (in summer). For that purpose a green house or a winter garden has been created on the south wall of the house. It would work as an intermediary chamber between the sun and the living space. The chamber has lateral sliding doors made of wooden ribs that open and close overlapping. In summer the doors are opened to let the heat out and the ribs of the doors form sunshades. In winter on the other hand the doors are closed to accumulate the heat and more sunlight gets through.


The materials and colours of the facades are selected according to the compass: light tones at the south and dark tones at north side. The north wall is finished with brick veneer that is a better heat accumulator. The south, east and west walls are covered with polystyrene insulation board (min. total 200mm). The wind barrier paper is added between the insulation and concrete block wall to make the house envelope more air tight.
The roof is covered with light coloured metal sheets to reject the sun heat. Additional layer of insulation is added (min. total 300mm) to the ceiling and roof construction to reduce the heat loss. The green house together with the ground floor terrace and 1st floor balcony is a wooden structure and forms a complete unit without cold bridges.
The windows have triple glazed glass on the north wall. East, west and south walls have 2-layer glass windows and doors.


The solar collector panels are placed on the roof for heating the indoor household water system such as faucet, shower and bath. The rainwater is collected from the roof to provide the water supply for the laundry and dish washer and toilets. The water tanks situate under the floor of the technical room. The size of the technical room is provisional and marks only the location within the house. The water distribution is concentrated around the technical room to simplify the installation.
The heating system is not specified with the present proposal. It should be defined by every particular household separately in accordance with its needs and possibilities. This project deals only with compensating the heating system with solar heat. The temperature maintains always many degrees higher inside the green house than outdoor both summer and winter. In winter it can be attached to the internal air circulation. In summer it can be detached from the house and it forms a separate sun protective structure.