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Nikola Kostadinov Arabadzhiev

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Location: Lozen village,Sofia,Bulgaria
Building Type: Single family house
Total building area: 175 sq m


The place is at Lozen Village 15 km east from the capital Sofia.The village is located north of Plana Mountain and south of Sofia valley.There is a highway nearby.
The building is situated in the north part of the lot near the street,so a large yard in south is granted.The entrance to the lot is done directly by the street in north.There are separated entrances for residents and cars.A garage for a car and garden instruments is designed east of the house.


The house has three floors,but one of them is basement.
-laundry and dryer – 9,31 sq m
-supplies storage - 9,13 sq m
-closet – 4,68 sq m
-two technical rooms – each 4,88 sq m
-storage room – 10,24 sq m
-sauna – 2,02 sq m
-bath – 3,57 sq m
-jaccuzi room – 11,82 sq m

First floor:
-entrance – 4,48 sq m
-wardrobe – 2,79 sq m
-toilet – 1,8 sq m
-study – 12 sq m
-living room – 29,43 sq m
-dining room – 15,84 sq m
-kitchen – 5,44 sq m

The spaces like entrance,toilet,wardrobe,kitchen and the stair are oriented to the north.
The living room,dining room and the study are oriented to the south.

Second floor:
-two bed rooms – each 15,84 sq m
-two bath rooms – each 4,96 sq m

The connection between floors is done by stair.


-wood – north and south facade walls are covered with wooden cladding made of pine wood.
-stone – east and west facade walls are made of stone masonry-traditional material in bulgarian building culture.
- roof is covered with thin stone tiles
-metal – two black boxes at the entrance and at the south facade are covered with galvanized metal sheets.

The objective is house to be entered in the enviroment and traditional and local materials to be used.


The building has mixed construction type.The foundations,basement walls and the slab on the first floor is designed with reinforced concrete structure.The construction type of whole overground part of the building is wooden frame walls.A two-sloped wooden roof is designed to cover the house.

Planned measures to reduce energy consumption and using renewable energy sources:

-Compact  size of the building (proportion x:y=7:4) and zoning of the spaces to the north - south axis;
-Absence of thermal bridges
-Increased levels of insulation:
-Exterior walls U=0,1051 W/m²K
plasterboard – 2x1,25cm
vapour barrier
mineral wool – 5cm
OSB panel – 1,25cm
mineral wool – 15cm
OSB panel – 1,25cm
mineral wool – 15cm
OSB panel – 2x1,25cm
waterproofing membraine
ventilated air gap – 2,5cm
chipboard – 2,5cm
wooden cladding – 2,5cm

-Basement floor U=0,1306 W/m²K
polished cement screed – 5cm
reinforced concrete slab – 10cm
waterproofing membraine
XPS – 15cm
XPS – 10cm

-Roof U=0,0923 W/m²K
plasterboard – 2x1,25cm
vapour barrier
mineral wool – 5cm
OSB panel – 1,25cm
mineral wool – 15cm
mineral wool – 10cm
OSB panel – 1,25cm
mineral wool – 10cm
OSB panel – 2x1,25cm
waterproofing membraine
ventilated air gap – 2,5cm
chipboard – 2,5cm
stone tiles – 2,5cm

-High levels of airtightness of the building
-PVC windows with higher insulation values  U = 0.70 W / m² K;
-External sun protection from overheating the rooms during summer- deciduous vegetation at southern exposure of the house prevents the penetration of direct sunlight in summer and let the sunlight to reach deeply in the rooms in winter; placing blind screens on top roof windows to reflect the sunlight in summer.
-Controlled ventilation in the house-a forced feeding of fresh air to any living space and sucking exhaust air from bathrooms,stair and kitchen. This avoids the need to open windows for ventilation during the cold winter and hot summer.
А recuperator is used to process the exsaust and fresh air. This saves a considerable amount of energy for heating/cooling air in the house;
- Pre-heating / cooling of fresh air through earth air exchanger located in the soil around the house.Fresh air always passes through the  filter.
-Designing of solar collectors for domestic hot water and underfloor heating system.
-Five solar panels will be installed on south slope of the roof.
-The hot water made by solar panels system can be used in devices like dishwasher and laundry