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Stanimir Valkov Dipl. Eng.

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Simplicity and harmony with nature are the keywords for that passive house

The house with total area of 145,75m2 is situated on a land of 1546m2. South
and East facades are opened to very well organized green yard. The main
entrance is from the North.
It’s a one storey house with wood( or metal ) construction – columns and
beams. Exterior walls are with light wood construction and 40cm wool thermal
insulation. The final layer is composed with wood covering, which give a
chance to use a prefabricated wood materials. The roof is also with wood
( or metal ) construction and 40cm wool thermal insulation. One of the most
important component of the house – windows, are with specific design
( especially for passive house ) and triple glazing. The water from the roof,
kitchen, bathrooms and toilet, goes to the local cleaning system, and after
very carefull treatment turns back for the landscape use.

The architecture floor plan consists of day and night zone. Day zone include
kitchen, dining room, living room with biofuel fireplace, study area, toilet,
laundry, mechanical room. Night zone include master bedroom, master
bathroom with toilet, second bedroom and second bathroom. Master bedroom, together with kitchen, dining and living room have a south orientation, until second bedroom is with east orientation. That gives a chance
for a great sunlight through the day, and natural daylight at the evenings.
Sliding wood panels at South and East facades keep rooms cooler through
the summer season. Solar system on the roof supply house with hot water
from the sun.