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Igor Sudakov

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The architectural design concept is based on the principles of compact, high-quality and most efficient insulation, the correct geometry of the building, zoning, orientation to the cardinal. A base of four-sided shape of three-tier pyramid. Sloping rafters sewn at an angle forming a hard skeleton of a static, like a skeleton on which, without fear and doubt can be installed as a floor and associated structures.


The shape of the pyramid is more preferable in terms of energy losses. The compactness of an advantage in the race for energy savings. Historically, the pyramid is created inside the positive energy, affect the mood of the people and even have medicinal properties. It is no accident the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids it.
The area of ​​the triangular faces of the pyramid is always less than similar rectangular or square configuration with the same plan, thus they are less heat is lost and therefore a positive effect on climate and energy efficiency at home. Exterior walls are perpendicular to the rays of natural light, thus the penetration into the premises is a maximum in summer and winter. In winter, the sun's rays at this angle the walls reach the most remote parts of the premises, which makes lighting the premises above the recommended rate is several times
The project provides all of its energy needs, primarily through the collection of solar energy and converting it into thermal energy (heating) and electricity. The decoration of the premises used by coating with a high degree of reflection of light to increase the floor - laminated parquet, walls and ceiling are drywall painted white. The project is adapted to the characteristics and climatic conditions of its location: humid continental climate with warm summers and long cold winter. The project is adequately fit into the existing environment and vegetation, and is based on Bulgarian, traditional features typical for Bulgaria using local building materials such as log cabin.
Two tiers of windows the space that connects two floors provide a free and relaxed atmosphere of people living in it. On the west side cuts wood construction of the so-called "cross beam". This structure is dominant and at the same time supporting the composition, component of space-planning decisions at home. Being a balcony, loggia, roof is organically linked with the main pyramidal volume. As a living organism of this design is a smooth transition from the outer to the inner space, namely the level of the 2 nd floor space two tiers of windows. Man, being either on the first or second floor, is free to go to the terrace or balcony, respectively.
The slope of the roof makes it impossible to collect snow and ice in the winter due to the slope and a vertical bunk. Box edges of the roof to the ground allows precipitation to go directly to the soil directly. without destroying the foundations. Snow cover in a particularly snowy winter periods can serve as insulation. As a rule the importation does not exceed 10%.
The highlight of the project can truly be called its completion. The third floor is the master bedroom of husband and wife to the bed in the middle. All building blocks light-bedroom lamp (sharper than the pyramids), covering a space as a bedroom. Looking at the top while lying in bed the husband and wife can look at the clouds and count the stars. The site has a square shape, as it were predestined and configuration plan. On the site is strictly a house in the middle of sharing space for a private area on the sides and the host side of the road.

The skeleton - a wooden frame made of wood.
Exterior finish: wood paneling of pine - the color of "nut"
Thermal insulation of walls and floors: high-density insulation, which has the lowest thermal conductivity.
Interior decoration - gypsum board high-density white.
Total area - 193.0 m2
Height from 1st. floor - 12.7 m from the ground - 13.0 m
Floor height - 2.7 m
Average KEO for the living room, kitchen and bedrooms - 6.5%. KEO in the support facilities - 3.5%
The maximum operating temperature without air conditioning (summer to 25C, winter - up to 18).